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Nahoum’s Heritage

Winding through the lanes of New Market, one just bumps into this Jewish bakery and looking up exclaims ‘Oh, it’s Nahoum’s!’. Honestly, I too expected it to be a much fancier place, being a popular confectioner not just in Kolkata but worldwide.



Established in1902 by a Baghdadi Jew, every corner and crevice at Nahoum’s and Sons Ltd. speaks of its heritage. Nothing has changed in 116 years, the same delicacies with the same old recipes, the wooden glass window shelves, opening into the streets for good ventilation.

IMG_2539IMG_2538From fruit cakes to tarts, macaroons, cheese samosas, marzipans, baklava, date-sticks and more, this place is a haven of sweet delicacies. I picked up their packet of rusk toast which upon discovering were nothing but fine toasted bread. The recipes are as basic as that!


A visit to Cal is incomplete without a visit to this bakery. It makes you realize how simple pleasures in life cost so little.

Later on, I read up somewhere that the plum cake is the most famous of all treats, especially during Christmas and heavily regretted not buying it, but much to my surprise, trhough Place of Origin, I can have it delivered it at my doorstep, all the way from Cal to New Delhi, thanks to technology! I have shared the link below:


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