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Saree Spread at Gariahat

Ever stumbled upon a crisp cotton sari for mere 300 bucks? Even for less if you visit this market when the sellers are packing up for the day. Gariahat in Ballygunge area in South Kolkata is renowned for their exquisite traditional Bengali saris. While Gariahat is known for many other things, being a sari connoisseur, the striped and checked saris in the makeshift shops of bylanes of Gariahat caught my eyes quickly.


Rolled up in bundles, one can find these crisp cottons in every hue and shade. From faux Jamdani to imitations of Tant cotton, floral georgette saris and the wide Lurex border ones, there’s something for every occasion. Let me beware you, not everything is 100% cotton, some is poly mixed as well. Also before buying, have a look at the length of the saris, some of them may be shorter if you are a tall person.


Browsing through the lanes, one also find blouse and suit pieces in hand done Kantha for as low as 200 bucks!


While I was admiring the colors and patterns, it made me wonder what made the sari or the suit peice too cheap, calculating what is the seller even making out of a sale. Is he even generating a tiny profit? Being one of the cheapest cities in India, the low-cost living of Kolkata zeroes in as a major factor for the cheap rates. While one is supporting the looms by buying the cotton saris, its always better not to bargain at this price.



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