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How people of Hamapur practice sustainability

3 hours from the town of Gondal, Gujarat is the silent village of Hamapur execpt for the shuttle sound of the handloom coming from almost every household. Other than the loom, what every house had in common was a padu at the entrance. Upcycled from old or torn saris, it was a delight spotting this unique piece in different color combinations.




I asked one of the girls, (cant recall the name, but she was in grade 6) if they had more of these, or a spar eone which I can take back home, and she happily took me to her house and even demonstrated how the padu is made.

People of Hamapur might not me aware of the word sustainability but they are doing their bit to generate less textile waste.

The lady demonstrating the procedure to make the mat: Using the base of this stand as franme, the sari shreds are woven like on the loom.



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