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Witnessing Gedi Dance

While on one of our visits to the Crafts Museum in Delhi (which sadly has been shut down temporarily), we saw a group of folk dancers dressed in the brightest hues of red and yellow. They were performing a regional dance form called the Gedi Dance or the Stilt Dance.


Performed by the Gond people, who are spread widely throughout Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, they are one of India’s more famous tribal groups. Gedi here is a pair of bamboo stilts with footrests. The dancers strike the stilts on the ground to produce simple rhythmic beats. The dance is performed in a circle. They sing in chorus as well while performing so it becomes much more than just a dance form. The Gedi is danced during the sowing season, just before the monsoons, and during the rainy season.



While you are seeing any performance, it is very important, as a designer, you should have the eyes of a hawk. Don’t just look, but observe. Notice the important details, the outfit, the makeup, headgear, facial expressions, even what the dancer is thinking etc. These observations should automatically strike your right brain even while you are watching a movie or maybe a sport!



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