Experiencing Anokhi Museum in Amber

Being extremely fond of this Indian-wear brand, we were tempted to visit their museum while in Jaipur. Since its a private museum, so we were not expecting it to be grand or something but we could have judged it better. Since the collection was more centric around hand printing, it was really grandiose and very well put up in terms of information display. One could not only get the gist of the pieces on display, but be able to understand the process well. And not to forget the remarkable haveli architecture that proved to be a recurring source of good distraction.


On the top-most floor they had a block printing workshop where you could even try your hand at block printing. Do stop by at their souvenir shop, you never know what you end up observing.


Also its a treat to shop at their flagship store in C-Scheme. Not a fan of the cafe there, but definitely definitely of the huge assortment of prints and silhouettes along with the Sale section that doesn’t look so sale-worthy. What better!

Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing
Anokhi Haveli, Near Badrinath Temple, Kheri Gate,
Amber, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302028
All days : 10:30AM-5PM

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