Exploring the craft of Split-Ply Braiding

Also called camel braiding, this ancient art practiced by camel herders in Rajasthan for making elaborate camel girths, it is today used by fibre artists to create handmade decorative items like neck ornaments, bags, home decor and other three-dimensional objects.

So what exactly is split-ply?

While weaving is interlacing and knitting is interlooping, ply-splitting is interworking since the plies of one yarn are opened sufficiently to pull another completely through it.

The basic raw material should be a twisted two-ply or a three-ply yarn. You can control the fibre amount, direction of twist as well as experiment with colours as you go along.

Split-ply braiding was traditionally a male activity right from spinning of yarns to the final product.






The artist : Errol Pires




If you wish to attend a camel-braiding workshop by Erroll Pires or any other craft workshops click here.


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